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 Houkago Tea Time Forum!

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PostSubject: Houkago Tea Time Forum!   Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:17 am

Hi there, Houkago Tea Time lovers!

Your are going to love this...........................A HTT FORUM!
Don't know about K-On! ? Looky here! :- and learn more about them!

HTT is an high school anime band with 5 cute girls. They named their band, "Houkago Tea Time". Those 5 cute girls are Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi and Azusa. At first, Ritsu and Mio created the club, "Light Music Club" and searched for members to join. At last, they found some members who know to play instruments. Here are the club members.......Yui is a very clumpsy girl and she love cute things. She is the lead guitarist and lead vocalists. Mio is a very shy and is a scaredy cat. She is the bassist and Backing vocals. Ritsu is a tomboy-ish and very energetic girl. She is the drummer and president of the Light Music Club. Tsumugi is a very sweet and gentle girl. She belongs to a very rich family. She is the keyboardist of the band. And last but never least, Azusa who is one year smaller to Yui, Mio, RItsu and Tsumugi. She has cat-like features such as a small nose. She is the rhythm guitarist of the band.

Well, enough of that, right?
Come join here and chat, play games and much much more! More importantly....HAVE FUN!!!
Here's the link :-
Don't forget to make your introduction and read the rules after you register!
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Houkago Tea Time Forum!
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