The world has fallen into chaos. Disease has claimed a fourth of humanity. Even worse... War is brimming on the horizon. Could you survive in this new age?
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 Storyline... Read before posting.

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Seraphina Young
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PostSubject: Storyline... Read before posting.   Sat Jan 12, 2013 3:18 pm


After a raging war in 2354, the world has fallen into chaos. Disease claimed the lives of billions. After the wreckage took it's toll and the disease mostly faded in 1370, there rose three factions:
AUDACITY: The strongest of them all,
ACUMEN: The smartest of them all, and
AESTHETIC: The most creative of them all.
They got along OK at first, but at thirst for power, they started fighting a vicious, three-way war. Even fifty years later, it still goes on, and there are still the questions:
Who's fault was it? Who started it?

You were raised in a small village away from the war. You know it will only be a matter of time before it reaches you. In order to survive, you need to stand up and fight for a side... The problem is... Who's side will you fight for? Who will win?
And... Most of all...
Will you survive?

Any comments on the storyline? Don't hesitate to post one.
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Storyline... Read before posting.
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