The world has fallen into chaos. Disease has claimed a fourth of humanity. Even worse... War is brimming on the horizon. Could you survive in this new age?
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 Magica Academy - School of Magic

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PostSubject: Magica Academy - School of Magic   Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:17 pm

Some time after Harry Potter and Hogwarts, a new school of magic arrives onto the scene: Magica Academy. Users develop the plot as it thickens and seventh years begin to choose sides. The Shadows (The New Generation Of Death Eaters), have decided to turn it up a notch and have began kidnapping and murdering people all over the world, but what is their reason? Is there something we don't know? Is there something you don't know?

Join the magic and the mystery at : Where the magic beings.
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Magica Academy - School of Magic
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