The world has fallen into chaos. Disease has claimed a fourth of humanity. Even worse... War is brimming on the horizon. Could you survive in this new age?
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 Role Play Rules (RPG Rules)

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Seraphina Young
Seraphina Young

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PostSubject: Role Play Rules (RPG Rules)   Sat Jan 12, 2013 12:24 pm


1- No god modding/power playing. You are not a god nor a mutant.
Bob screamed at Sue and she fell to the ground crying.
Bob brought Sue back to life with his magic.
2- Posts will be at least a paragraph, or seven sentences, told sort of like a story, and past-tense.
Bob ran down the hall. Then, he saw Sue.
"Hello, Sue!" Bob said, still running. He took a left. "Alas!" Cried Bob. "The arcade! Finally!"

3- No posting under factions that you do not belong in.
4- Rate a thread properly in the description.
5- If you do happen to attack someone, leave it open to decide whether the victim gets hit or not. Otherwise, get their permission if you want your attack to land.
I- no bad content.
II- minimal/cartoon violence and mild language.
III- Violence and medium language.
IV- Strong violence and strong language.
V- Graphic violence and sailor-swearing, maybe drugs.

If you follow these, everything will move along smoothly. If, also, you think something is amiss, just say so.

A QUICK REMINDER! You don't have to have your profile accepted for you to post under the category 'General'!
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Role Play Rules (RPG Rules)
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