The world has fallen into chaos. Disease has claimed a fourth of humanity. Even worse... War is brimming on the horizon. Could you survive in this new age?
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 Embracing Destiny

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PostSubject: Embracing Destiny   Sun Jan 20, 2013 2:07 pm

Live and let Live, Treat others the way you wish to be Treated, Equality is Life.

These phrases have been used for centuries, everyone has heard them, but no one heeds their message. It is human nature to fear what they do not understand. And what they don’t understand is everyone who isn’t human or who is different from them. The superheroes of the world have had the chance to rest after so much chaos has been wrought.

The Avengers have defeated Loki and the invading Chitauri army, The X-men fought the good fight at Alcatraz and brought down the Brotherhood with help from the cure, Dr. Doom was sent slinking back to his castle thanks to the Fantastic Four, and other Heroes around the world have sent villains fleeing.

The time of peace has ended with the villains plotting new plots and slipping from the shadows to wreak havoc once more on the world and against the heroes they so despise. The cure for the mutants failed giving those who had been depowered back their powers. Plots are being formulated by Loki, Dr. Doom, the great villainous minds, the world is about to become a battleground once more.

Lines have been drawn which side do you stand on? Are you one of the villains seeking revenge, a hero wishing to keep innocent’s safe, a civilian caught in the crossfire, or a vigilante who looks out for themselves? The choice is yours.

Grand Opening
Tons of Canons open

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Embracing Destiny
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